Game of the Year (GotY) 2018 - nominations

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Game of the Year (GotY) 2018 - nominations

Post by Adam Gillard » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:29 pm

Evening, all!

I'm setting up this thread to open the nominations for GotY 2018, and also for information and discussion about the GotY process.

Nominations are now open and will close on Saturday 16 February 2019 at 11.59pm.

After nominations close, I'll post a new thread with the final nominees for the poll itself.


The rules for the nominations are as follows:
  • 1) Each person may nominate up to 25 games.
    2) You may nominate any game from 2018. The GotW archive would be a good place to start looking (it lists the top 3 games from each GotW vote; you can see the other games that made it to the GotW vote by clicking on the date in the 'Week' column).
    3) If you nominate a game that didn't make the top 3 in GotW results, then I'll mention it on a list that will be maintained at the bottom of this post, so that others will be able to see it (one mention per game, regardless of how many nominations it receives).
After nominations have closed and all nominations have been counted, I'll select a natural cut-off point such that around 7-12 nominees make the final poll.

Nominations should be submitted to me by aptomail or by private message on this forum. Please provide the date and full score of each game that you nominate, preferably with a link to the game log (e.g. Hazel Drury 176 - 0 Apterous Prune, 1 January 2018).

If you've already submitted your full complement of 25 nominations and then you change your mind, or you want to nominate a game posted in this thread, you will be allowed to nominate that game in place of a game that you had already nominated. Alternatively, you can nominate games in dribs and drabs - even one nomination could make a difference!

Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope you enjoy having a look back through some great games from 2018!

PS - Thanks to Bradley Horrocks for reminding me about GotY!

List of games nominated that didn't make the top 3 of GotW results:
To be updated
Mike Brown: "Round 12: T N R S A E I G U

C1: SIGNATURE (18) ["9; not written down"]
Score: 108–16 (max 113)

Another niner for Adam and yet another century. Well done, that man."

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