Game of the Year (GotY) 2022 - nominations

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Elliott Mellor
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Game of the Year (GotY) 2022 - nominations

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Evening, all!

We've had Christmas, then New Year, and now it's time for the next big event of the season: Game of the Year :D

I hope you all had an above average 2022, and if not then I hope you have a significantly better 2023.

Please read the following carefully:


The rules for nominations are as follows:

1) Each person may nominate up to 25 games.
2) Games nominated must be from 2022. You can nominate individual performances, or joint performances in human v human games. Team games may not be nominated, nor may games where one or both performances have been disallowed. The GotW archive would be a good place to start looking (it lists the top 3 games from each GotW vote; you can see the other games that made it to the GotW vote by clicking on the date in the 'Week' column).
3) If you nominate a game that didn’t make the top 3 of GotW, then I’ll add it to a list at the bottom of this thread (provided I remember).

Nominations should be submitted to me by aptomail or by private message on this forum. Please provide a link to every game. You can literally just submit 25 game links and provided they are all links to valid games, then I’m happy. However, if you don’t submit links to games then I will ask you to provide them.

If you've already submitted your full complement of 25 nominations and then you change your mind, you will be allowed to nominate games in place of ones you’ve already nominated. You must be clear which games you are replacing, though. Alternatively, you can nominate games in dribs and drabs. If you end up submitting more than 25, then I’ll ask you to pick some to remove so that you are within the limit (or else I will consider your entire nomination void).

Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope you enjoy having a look back through some great games from 2022!

So, having said all that…

Nominations for GotY 2022 are now open and will close on Saturday 18th February 2023 at 11.59pm.[/b]

I have also listed below the previous winners of GotY, so that you can take a moment to peruse what people collectively voted were the best games of apterous in years gone by!
2021: Apterous Prune 0 - 144 Elliott Mellor
2020: Vincent Barcet 172 – 96 Phil Hannan
2019: Apterous Rex 1197 – 1189 Rob Foster
2018: Rob Foster 715 – 723 Apterous Rex
2017: Ben Andrews 200 - 200 Martin Hurst
2016: Johnny Canuck 116 - 71 Tracey Mills
2015: Apterous Prune 0 - 1002 Jack Worsley
2014: Apterous Rex 795 - 788 Conor Travers
2013: Matthew Tassier 200 - 190 Apterous Rex
2012: Apterous Prune 0 - 987 Conor Travers
2011: Edward McCullagh 116 - 26 Michael Cullen
2010: Innis Carson 233 - 0 Apterous Prune
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