Words or methods you’re proud of

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Philip A
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Words or methods you’re proud of

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What are one or two rounds, in any variant, you’ve won that you’re proud of? E.g. an extreme numbers method, a super-rare 9, an insta-solve of a killer conundrum or something of that sort.

Super-rare 9s in human v human 15-rounders: BAYADERES, PAUPIETTE

Extreme numbers solve; 75 100 25 50 3 9 → 907 - 4 methods available and I did (100 × 75 × 3 − 50) / 25 + 9, and it was a max game too

On TV: INEXPERT, then a .25 sec solve on conundrum JUGPERRIN
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L'oisleatch McGraw
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Re: Words or methods you’re proud of

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This one https://www.apterous.org/viewgame.php?g ... #r49558280
...just because I learned it for TV as READINGS+E, and didn't get to play it until 5 years later. (At the time, GARDENISE didn't exist.)
Next on the as-yet-unplayed-but-learned-for-TV agenda is to declare the valid 9 from BREAKTIME.
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