Phone Word Games Outside of Countdown?

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Andres Sanchez
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Phone Word Games Outside of Countdown?

Post by Andres Sanchez »

Been having an iPhone for a few weeks now and I'm trying to find better games, specifically word games of course, to keep me up and at it. So far I've got that New York Time bundle, a great app called Gubbins, and WordScapes. But is there one that feels new and different that I can get on and have fun with and not have to wait for some daily game for me to instantly use up and wait for?

Also if anyone IS playing any kinda those games (or something simple too like a Words With Friends type deal or something), let me know; really wanna play and interact more with the community outside of just the game show.
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Steve Hyde
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Re: Phone Word Games Outside of Countdown?

Post by Steve Hyde »

Letter Quest and Spellspire are both fun. The differences from the Countdown dictionary can get annoying though
Philip A
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Re: Phone Word Games Outside of Countdown?

Post by Philip A »

Not sure if this is free to play, but my personal favourite is the daily PlusWord from The Telegraph Puzzles – Wordle and Crossword combined, introduced in 2022. The aim is to solve a 5*5 concise crossword and the PlusWord underneath; some of the cells in the crossword have yellow and green squares like Wordle and these will help you solve the PlusWord. All words and phrases are in common usage English and the whole puzzle can be solved logically without guessing. Better than Wordle IMHO.
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