Advent Calendar Tournament

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Andy SC
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Advent Calendar Tournament

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Advent Calendar Tournament promises to be an exciting where literally any format could be picked (Foreign Language variants not available). Advent Calendar starts on the 1st December and finishes on he 24thn December with a new round becoming available each and only lasting one day. You can sign-up to Advent Calendar Tournament here -

Here is how it will all work:
1. Upon signing-up you will be required to pick a format of your choice from the high score page (providing it's not a foreign language variant) - ... highscores - and send it to me via aptomail. Each player's format will go into the draw where one will be picked for each day.
2. You will also be required to pick what round to use your joker card on, basically it is just picking a number from 1-24. The joker card will double your points total for the round you chose to use it on.
3. The scoring system will work just like the daily duel. As it stands 54-players are signed up, so the winner of each round would get 54-points, 2nd 53-points and so on all the way down to 54th getting 1-points. To score points on a round the game will have to be completed. Anybody that manages a max game along the way will get a bonus 3-points.
4. Games for round 1 will be added on the 30th November during the day and will then be available at midnight, where you will have 24-hours to play each round. This process will be the same for all 24 rounds. The tournament standings will be updated after each round is complete.

If you have any questions please ask.
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