Monday 29 November 1982 (Series 1, Prelim 16)

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Monday 29 November 1982 (Series 1, Prelim 16)

Post by Rhys Benjamin » Fri Nov 13, 2020 9:39 am

The last Andy Bruno episode for now.

Countdown recap for Monday 29 November 1982.

"The quiz game that some people are saying is to entertainment what Dracula was to the blood transfusion service" is how Richard opens the show. Not sure about that one.

C1: Challenger Josef Kollar. A 37-year-old registered chartered accountant from Southampton, professional chess player and future Goggleboxer, as well as today's toss winner, so is C1. He wanted to be a train driver when he was younger, but still retains an interest in traction engines.
C2: Champion Andrew Bruno (1 win, 40 points). A sales executive from Manchester.
DC: Mary and Kenneth Williams.
LB: Dr Linda Barrett.
OT: Other words or solutions. Again, no COD7 at present.

R01: R H E Z G I X R O
R02: U H L I E T G Y S
R03: M D A P F I E S L
R04: 25, 8