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What annoys you about the modern world we live in !

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 4:27 am
by Marc Meakin
After my daughter asked the loaded question ,how did you cope with life before the internet.

Well this wouldn't have happened for a start
Read on :
I was in Romford ( the kind of place where it's best to be like a shark and keep moving ) when near the high street I got a puncture in my bike.
I googled nearest bike repairs , oh good about a mile away.
Thought I would better phone first to make sure it was open. the chap said it was so I thought I'm on my way.
In my haste I didn't ask for directions , never mind I've got Google maps .
So I set off followed the directions. When I got there I only saw a pizza place and a cake shop.
I phoned again and the chap said we are open it's about a five minute walk from Greenwich station.
I said why does your Romford number still work.
He said it diverts to here so customers can still use us.
They haven't been in Romford for TWO years.
This would not have happened before the internet .
Rant over