Brexit- what next.

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Tom S
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Brexit- what next.

Post by Tom S » Thu Nov 15, 2018 10:22 am

With some high profile names resigning, what is our P.O.V on what happens next? Do you think we should stick it out, have a GE or a People's Vote. Or maybe something else?.....
Do say your thoughts....

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Marc Meakin
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Re: Brexit- what next.

Post by Marc Meakin » Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:12 am

We should let the people decide using rock, paper, scissors.
On a more serious note.
The referendum was a dogs breakfast from the get go.
It should never have been a binary vote.
Staying in was a simple choice, but pulling out opens a can of worms that won't get back in the can

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Graeme Cole
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Re: Brexit- what next.

Post by Graeme Cole » Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:31 am

Based on current usage, the ODO is about to revise the main sense of the term "the British people" to mean "the subset of Leave voters who happen to agree with the person speaking".

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Jennifer Steadman
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Re: Brexit- what next.

Post by Jennifer Steadman » Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:16 pm

Full civil war.

- Mexican stand-off in the Commons, where only Dennis Skinner survives.

- Scotland exhumes the body of William Wallace to lead them into battle against the north of England. The Scots throw thousands of gallons of boiling oil over the Yorkshire and Other Northerners Army, deep-frying them where they stand and decisively winning the battle. Nicola Sturgeon declares independence from the United Kingdom, then makes up with the President of the United States, who vows to help Scotland build a wall (which is built on top of the remains of Hadrian's Wall).

- David Cameron is seized by a lynch mob in Twickenham on his way to the rugby, and is subsequently sentenced to death by scaphism in the Thames during a heatwave.

- Ben Wilson plants mines around the entire perimeter of Hykeham in an attempt to protect COLIN, but sadly forgets to leave a space for people to get in, and so COLIN 2020 does not materialise. Ben uses the leftover badges from COLINs past as ammunition, and is thus able to see out the entire war, unharmed by Lincolnshire's overwhelming Leave forces (but somehow becomes very ill anyway).

- Pro-Remain Tunbridge Wells is besieged for 2 years by the rest of Kent and Sussex, with Londoners creating 40-mile underground tunnels to bring avocados to the citizens of Sunny Tunny. Pro-Leave snipers set up camp in The Opera House (Wetherspoons) and pick off anyone under the age of 30. The Pantiles becomes a no-go zone for gammon. I flee to safe haven Bosnia on Giles's private plane and write a novel about my harrowing experiences in the war, entitled Dismembered of Tunbridge Wells.

- Everyone else on Apterous is a conscientious objector and hides from the war in their dark, sticky bedrooms.
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Gavin Chipper
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Re: Brexit- what next.

Post by Gavin Chipper » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:35 pm

My preferred option would be a second referendum at this point. I think the original referendum was absolutely ridiculous because it wasn't remotely clear what leaving would entail - and it isn't even now to be honest. If you're going to hold referendums, they can really only be on the simplest of issues where there aren't a whole load of details to be hashed out after the vote.

People didn't all vote leave for the same reason so any particular form of "Brexit" doesn't actually have a mandate. Also, if you're going by the "will of the majority", you have to consider that it was 52-48 and a median position would therefore presumably be a very weak form of "Brexit".

But obviously the referendum was held and leave got a majority, so shouldn't we just accept it and leave in the best way possible? Well, no-one agrees on what would be the best way for a start. And because there are so many different ways to leave, it would be a bit like holding a referendum on whether we should change our national anthem but with no indication on the ballot what it would be changed to. If the majority say to change, then it seems that by "Brexit" referendum logic, the national anthem would have to change, but it could be to anything, even if it's something most people would hate more than the current national anthem (if that's possible).

So really it's time for politicians to accept that the referendum was really fucking stupid. Obviously to just ignore it and remain regardless would cause problems, but once it's made clear how we would leave, then we can hold another referendum with just two options:

1. Leave how we would leave if there was no second referendum
2. Remain

There's no need for different leave options, because there doesn't appear to be any demand (or at least very little) from leavers to have a referendum on how we should leave, so having a referendum on whether we should leave or not (for which there is much demand) shouldn't mean that we suddenly also get a vote that nobody in particular is calling for anyway. So this whole thing about the referendum not working because there would have to be more than two options is a non-issue.

This isn't undemocratic because it's the British people voting on this. If they still want to leave, then we leave. And it isn't a case of just holding referendums until we get the result we want. This is a different and more specific referendum based on how we would actually leave the EU, not just some vague hand-waving and contradictory opinions that we were given a referendum on in 2016.

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Marc Meakin
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Re: Brexit- what next.

Post by Marc Meakin » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:51 pm

I think a referendum on having a second referendum would make more sense 😁

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