Spoilers for Wednesday 19th December 2018 (Series 79, SF 1)

Discuss anything that happened in recent games. This is the place to post any words you got that beat Dictionary Corner, or numbers games that evaded Rachel.

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Thomas Carey
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Spoilers for Wednesday 19th December 2018 (Series 79, SF 1)

Post by Thomas Carey » Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:57 pm

Gotta love the first semi final of a series! Tony Manwani caused another slight seeding upset yesterday with a good win over Dave and now gets to face our number 1 seed Martin May. Will Tony cause another upset? Will the conundrum be solved again? Let's find out!

Martin May
Points: 954 (106 per game)
Maxes: 72/135 (53%) (42/90 (47%) letters, 24/36 (67%) numbers, 6/9 (67%) conundrums)
Highest Score: 117 (games 2 and 8)
Lowest Score: 89 (game 6)
9s Achieved: 4/11

Tony Manwani
Points: 829 (92.111 per game)
Maxes: 51/135 (38%) (24/90 (27%) letters, 21/36 (58%) numbers, 6/9 (67%) conundrums)
Highest Score: 114 (quarter final)
Lowest Score: 67 (game 6)
9s Achieved: 0/4
cheers maus

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Mark Kudlowski
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Re: Spoilers for Wednesday 19th December 2018 (Series 79, SF 1)

Post by Mark Kudlowski » Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:54 pm

Last numbers alt:

9 x 9 x (4 + 4 + 3)

Tom S
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Re: Spoilers for Wednesday 19th December 2018 (Series 79, SF 1)

Post by Tom S » Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:55 pm

Great game today. Well played by both. Good luck in the final Martin- commiserations to Tony who had clearly done his practise since his octorun.

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Re: Spoilers for Wednesday 19th December 2018 (Series 79, SF 1)

Post by Conor » Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:28 pm

Grandame in r1 and Padanda in a later round. Good contest today!

Toby McDonald
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Re: Spoilers for Wednesday 19th December 2018 (Series 79, SF 1)

Post by Toby McDonald » Wed Dec 19, 2018 4:37 pm


Ryan Lam
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Re: Spoilers for Wednesday 19th December 2018 (Series 79, SF 1)

Post by Ryan Lam » Thu Dec 20, 2018 1:34 pm

Somehow, I typed all of this yesterday and I forgot to hit the "Submit" button, oh well...first Semi-Final with the first and fourth QF winners battling out to see who gets to take a step closer to holding that coveted Richard Whiteley Memorial Trophy...

Letters: Well done to Tony for spotting TEAMWORK after Martin's early slip there in R2, but both did well by spotting PAROLEES in R11 and ENQUIRES in R13. (I was so hoping for Martin to spot EXTRUSION in R7 but he didn't, perhaps he shouldn't dislike the "X" in this case... :( )

Numbers: Tony, knowing that he had an uphill battle of some sort, of course would naturally pick his six small to try and throw off Martin. Alas, not only did it backfire on him in R6 as the latter solved it perfectly but after changing tactics in R14, it did not help his 10 point deficit either. Those on the Daily Chat (Myself included) guessed Martin most likely had the correct solution but blanked out, what a shame.

Conundrum: That sure was a tough conundrum, it's not a word commonly used in everyday life although I have to say that I got it because I've seen this word in older English texts that my friend introduced to me a few months ago. :)

I predicted Martin would win by about 30 points but Tony proved me so wrong by performing much stronger than expected and only with a 10 point margin after the Crucial Conundrum was left unsolved. Tony, don't feel bad that you lost and the studio audience applauded for Martin as he will be in the Grand Final, you deserve my applause and commendation as well; you've caused an upset by defeating Dave Ashton yesterday and essentially, your return to the Countdown scene has certainly not gone to waste! However, all good things do have to come to and end some day and after 19 years it's the end of the road for you once again, but hopefully not the last time! :)

The other Semi-Final now to watch, will Mike or Alan be the one to meet Martin come Friday? Fingers crossed!

QF1 (13 December): Martin May (#1) vs Bob Lunt (#9) (115 - 86)
QF2 (14 December): Mike Daysley (#2) vs Adam Rolston (#8) (104 - 58)
QF3 (17 December): Andrew Jackson (#3) vs Alan Duval (#7) (60 - 62)
QF4 (18 December): Dave Ashton (#5) vs Tony Manwani (#6) (79 - 114)
SF1 (19 December): Martin May (QF1 Winner) vs Tony Manwani (QF4 Winner) (93 - 83)
SF2 (20 December): Mike Daysley (QF2 Winner) vs Alan Duval (QF3 Winner)
GF (21 December): Martin May (SF1 Winner) vs (SF2 Winner)

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