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Paul Erdunast
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Countdown Resources

Post by Paul Erdunast » Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:26 pm

Countdown Resources is a website created in the aftermath of the Champion of Champions series. I wanted to leave something to the Countdown Community given that I'll be on much less now. I realised that in-depth tips and knowledge of Countdown technique have not been turned into articles available to the public. Countdown resources sets out to change that.

Countdown Resources aims to be the go-to website for reading about how to improve at Countdown. There are guides covering all aspects of letters, numbers and conundrums technique. Everyone from casual TV watchers to Countdown experts can learn something from them. The guides aim to be as full as possible, a resource to come back again and again to, rather than something that can be read and mastered in an hour. After all, the same applies to Countdown.

The website can be found here: The list of articles is below:

Letters pages:

Letters round advice and techniques
Word validity
Strategies for picking letters rounds
Tips and advice for focused word learning
Top 100 words
Top 1,000 words
Top 10,000 words
Five vowel 9s list
Complete list of words ordered by how useful they are for Countdown

Numbers pages:

6 small
1 large
2 large
3 large
4 large

Conundrums pages:

How to approach conundrums
Lists of conundrums

Many thanks to all contributors of articles:

Rob Foster
Callum Todd
Bradley Horrocks
Johnny Canuck

And those who checked articles:

Elliott Mellor
Luke Johnson-Davies

If you spot any problems with the website which need to be fixed, or identify potential improvements or techniques not covered, or would like to volunteer to write the 3 large numbers guide, please privately message me.

Tom S
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Re: Countdown Resources

Post by Tom S » Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:31 pm

Great job Paul :) Am sure it'll be of use to many :)

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