Countmuck (2006) - Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow

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Countmuck (2006) - Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow

Post by Rhys Benjamin » Thu Jul 13, 2017 2:53 am

It's amazing what one finds on the internet at 3am.

In the final series of Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow, the final round was a parody of a game show (and Question Time). Some (The Crystal Muck, Muck or No Muck) were very good. Others (Strictly Come Mucking, Muckety Muck) weren't. This was one of those not-so-good ones.

As with all the end games, there are two teams, ordered by their position on the leaderboard. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, along with Richard "Dick" McCourt, are the Prize Winners. They play against 4th, 5th, and 6th, aided by Dominic "Dom" Wood. They are the Prize Losers. If the Prize Losers win the end game then the Prize Losers steal the Prize Winners' prizes. Got that? Good.

SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOIL-- oh what the hell, no one's going to watch it. Or care.

Now, let's meet our personnel:

Host: Des Muckam (Ian Kirby)
Co-host: Carol Muckerman (Melvin O'Doom)
Dictionary Corner: Gyles Muckmuth (Dave Chapman)

Prize Winners:
1st - Jake - on course to win an electric skateboard with safety gear. I didn't know they did electric skateboards.
2nd - Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen. Yeah, I'm amazed they got him too. - on course to win PlayStation 2 with "games" and a cuddly toy (N.B. if he wins any prizes, these will go to a viewer).
3rd - Ruby - on course to win Dick & Dom's 2005 Christmas Tree (i.e. some branches).

Prize Losers:
4th - Luke
5th - Bethan
6th - Elisha

Each team will have 2 letters rounds each to themselves. However, not only to have to get a word, they also need to put it up on the board within 30 seconds. This is easier said than done thanks to a major design fault with the board: the letters are too flimsy and don't stay up. Combined with the fact they tried to squeeze in 4 letters rounds within 4 minutes, you can see where this is going.

Round 1 - Prize Winners' turn: E L K U I P G A N
Prize Winners: PAIN (4)
OT: LEPAKING (8) - would this have been in at the time? If not, PEAKING for 7.
Prize Winners 4 - 0 Prize Losers (max 8 - 0)

The idea (initially) is two at a time, with the other two members doing the board in the second go. Jake and Lawrence therefore attempt to get... anything. Lawrence suggests AGIN, but a last-second spot from Jake for PAIN gives them 4 points.

Round 2 - Prize Losers' turn: E G O U G K O E L
Prize Losers: glekug
OT: GOOGLE (6) - again, I highly doubt this would have been in at the time. If not, GOUGE for 5.
Prize Winners 4 - 0 Prize Losers (max 8 - 6)

"There's a design flaw!" wails Carol as the first seven letters fall out of the board and the second E disappears up her sleeve. She holds the whole thing in place with her arm. Dom and Elisha are "helped" by Des throwing muck at them.

This is getting ridiculous already.

Round 3 - Prize Winners' turn: A O C S E A W T U
Prize Winners: wanego
Prize Winners 4 - 0 Prize Losers (max 15 - 6)

Now very rushed for time, Lawrence just tells Carol to do 2 at a time alternating. When the letters are finally picked within about 5 seconds, Lawrence starts taking consonants out of box whilst Des throws muck at him and I'm honestly not quite sure what's happening. Whilst Lawrence and Des fight, Jake tries to play the game but ends up stuck, so Lawrence's non-word of WANEGO takes the round; no one noticed that an N and G weren't in the selection.

Round 4 - Prize Losers' turn: E O L D U I O I A
Prize Losers: dolie
Prize Winners 4 - 0 Prize Losers (max 15 - 12)

Badly short for time, Carol and Dom do the same two-at-once strategy but Carol gets this horribly wrong and takes out six vowels, laying them in positions 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, and 9. She then takes out two consonants and puts them at 3 and 4, then goes for yet another vowel, meaning the rounds has 7 vowels. Dom races up to the board and then stops dead - "oh, oh, hang on". Elisha unhelpfully suggests LION. Dom's convinced DOLIE is a word but Gyles takes forever to decide it isn't, meaning the prize winners win. About a minute after they were meant to.

If you want to watch this, you need a bottle of vodka and this link: If it doesn't automagically, skip to 1:16:14.
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Re: Countmuck (2006) - Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow

Post by Gavin Chipper » Wed Jun 17, 2020 9:22 pm

Maybe I'll watch this. Never did at the time when you first linked to it.

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