CoManche 2017 Puzzles (and solutions)

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Matty Artell
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CoManche 2017 Puzzles (and solutions)

Post by Matty Artell » Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:29 pm

Hey guys,
Just in case anyone who couldn't attend was interested (I know of one or two), I (and Jack Hurst - thanks! ) did a few puzzles for Countdown in Manchester 2017.

Here are the puzzles;

(note; only about a month late, but I just noticed a couple of typos... the hard 4 large numbers game should have a 25 in there too, and YZKYQOJ should be YZKXQOJ. Can you tell I put this together the night before the event?)

A selection of solutions are available here;
(for the puzzles which answers haven't been provided, you should be able to check whether your solution fits, and I'm lazy. If anyone is desperate for solutions I can knock them together.)

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