The Great Pyramid

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The Great Pyramid

Post by Johnny Canuck » Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:35 pm

Welcome one and all to The Great Pyramid! For anyone who might be unaware, an overview of this latest and (hopefully) greatest tournament can be found here.
Signups are now closed, but I'm planning to launch new versions of this regularly (monthly?).

Here are the obligatory rules. A condensed version is available via the link above. Really, you'll probably be all right if you read that link as well as the bits in bold below.

- At the beginning of the tournament, starting tonight, everyone will play a single 15-round match against a random opponent, in a round known as the Antechamber (formerly Qualifier). Since, as of now, we have an odd number of sign-ups, one lucky player has been selected to take on Apterous Prune.
- Players will be ranked based on their actual scores, not their raw scores. May change this rule in future editions to flatten out a very uneven playing field.
- You have until 11:59 PM (BST) on Sunday, 5 May 2013, to complete your Antechamber match. Afterward, new rounds will begin approximately every 2 days. Just PM or aptomail me if you'd like an extension on a match deadline. We'll cross these bridges when we come to them.
- After the Antechamber, everyone will once again be assigned a random opponent, and will play a 1-round game (namely, a Single Conundrum). All advancing players will then play a 2-round game (LC), then a 3-round game (LNC), and so on up to the tournament final, which will have (n-1) rounds where n is the number of entrants.
- Only one player is eliminated in each round -- namely, the player who gets the lowest score out of all remaining entrants. If there is a tie, whoever got the lowest score in the previous round is eliminated; if there is another tie, we compare the scores from two rounds ago, then three rounds ago, and so on. Thus, if there is a tie for lowest score in the first round, the eliminated player will be the one who got the lowest score in the Antechamber.
- Tie-breaks are not included in scores.
- For rounds containing an odd number of players, one totally random player will get a bye.
- Any questions? Simply PM or aptomail me.
- There will be prizes for everyone. Except possibly Prune. They will be sent to you by, you'll never guess, PM or aptomail.

The draw for the Antechamber is:
Zarte vs. Thomas Car.
Joe H. vs. Jack
James B. vs. Phyl
Andy vs. Hywel
James H. vs. Jason
Sam vs. Innis
Thomas Cap. vs. James R.
Jon vs. Remi
Ian vs. "Apterous Prune"
Matthew vs. Mark
Edwin vs. Tom
Josh vs. Joe D.
Chris vs. Marcus

This draw was entirely random, as all future fixtures will be. Repeated matches will be avoided wherever possible. Remember, the deadline for completing these first matches is 11:59 PM on Sunday, 5 May.

BEWARE! Anyone caught cheating in a Great Pyramid match will face the unspeakable curse of King Ramses Gesneriad IX. You have been warned.

Good luck to all.
* Despite everything, it's still you.

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