Features unavailable to trial members & non-members

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Features unavailable to trial members & non-members

Post by L'oisleatch McGraw » Tue Sep 08, 2020 9:35 pm

Almost all features of Apterous are available for subscribed members (aside from a few niche things, e.g. OWL License)
There are fewer things available to trial members, and even fewer again for non-members.

I wonder:-
1. Is there a 'middle ground' of availability for expired trial accounts? Do they get more features than a non-member?
2. How set in stone are these things? Used there be more features available for trial members in the past?
3. How often does this change... is it likely to change again soon?

If you can answer my questions, then thanks.

I will edit this thread to compile a list of what is currently unavailable on the site for each type of user:





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