A Non-Apterous Variant for you During the Downtime - Fusion

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James S Roper
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A Non-Apterous Variant for you During the Downtime - Fusion

Post by James S Roper » Wed Jun 03, 2020 12:32 pm


Whilst Charlie continues to conduct maintenance on Apterous (thanks Charlie, we really are grateful for the amount work you put into it!), I was digging into my old documents from years ago and found and old variant that was trialled over a group call, but never saw the light of day after that - I thought it was good fun, so why not retry it again? This isn't a request to have it added to apterous per se, but rather something for you guys to try whilst the site's down.

So, the rules of Fusion (or Fusedown, whatever the community ends up calling it):
Letters: The first 7 letters are picked as normal. The player then gets to choose what vowel/consonant pairing they wish to select (VV/VC/CV/CC) provided the overall selection falls within the 3-5 vowel rule. The catch is, these 'fused' final 2 letters, if used, must be used together and not separately. The benefit for using these though is that they provide 3 points rather than 2 when used. In terms of who wins a round, longer word length is still the main factor, however in the event of 2 words being the same length, one can trump the other by having used the fused letters if the other hasn't. 9s still score 18.

If that's all a bit gibberish, here's an example which hopefully encompasses all of that:

Selection: S T N O A I R DE

Some words, with each word in the sequence beating the next:

DERATIONS (18) ---> DERATION (9) ---> TINDERS (8) ---> RATIONS (7) ---> SANDER (7) ---> TRAINS (6) ---> notarised x (0)
Numbers: Numbers selection is the same - player has the usual choice. Although, before the target is revealed, the player has the choice of which of the revealed numbers he'd like to 'fuse', and in which order - concatenation, for the fancy mathematicians out there. Targets remain between 101-999. Points are awarded in the same fashion as normal.

Example: I choose 2L: 50, 25, 7, 8, 9, 3. I choose to fuse 3 and 25 for 325. The target is then revealed.
Selection: 50, 325, 7, 8, 9 ---> 881

Consider this the bastard child of Aegilops, Spoilage and Octorock. Whether you choose to be the kind of person who fuses 11 or 75100 for a 3-digit target is up to you.
Conundrum: 18 letters with a unique solution of 2 nine letter words. Points only awarded if you buzz in with both of them. Suggestions have been made as an alternative to this, but currently that's the format we've trialled :D


Example rounds shall be posted below! Have fun :D

James S Roper
Posts: 133
Joined: Sat Aug 17, 2013 9:02 pm

Re: A Non-Apterous Variant for you During the Downtime - Fusion

Post by James S Roper » Wed Jun 03, 2020 12:40 pm

R1: Q T A R U M I ER

R2: N E M A D A K ID

R3: 100 75 450 25 3 -> 632

R4: E K T T S E J ET

R5: N A P I D E S EM

R6: 25 2 96 1 10 -> 552

R7: D R N H A O A OR

R8: P I L O T I S OA

R9: 100 75 50 25 88 -> 169

R10: F S C E U I U RR

R11: S C X L P P I IE

R12: I N D J O A E DE

R13: A E I O U S X RT

R14: 4 7 2 17 10 -> 903

R15: R I D K K E S P L A A N S L L E D I

Perceived max is 124, although I'm not totally sure...
The above game played is from a 4-person-game between myself, Fiona T, George Armstrong and Tom Carey - I'll put the results of that game up in a couple of days time so that for now I don't spoil anything :)

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