Apterous World Cup 2018: Qualifying

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Apterous World Cup 2018: Qualifying

Post by Matt Morrison » Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:38 pm

Previously: Announcement

The 16 top-ranked entrants are in the main competition. The rest of us lowly 32 will qualify or return to local competition by way of double elimination action.

The first round of randomly-drawn 16 fixtures is now in the system, so play away!

Round 1
Mich H - Matthew Tassier
Graeme Cole - Patrick Thompson
Dan Byrom - Christy Cooper
Sam Shepherd - Gevin Chapwell
Mervyn Tong - Ross Jeffries
Mark James - Rhys Benjamin
Vincent Barcet - Ryan Taylor
Anthony Endsor - Ben Wilson
Ian Volante - Jason Larsen
Andrew Smith - Jason Turner
James Hurrell - Noel Mcilvenny
Heather Badcock - Derek Matthews
James Laverty - James Haughton
Phil Collinge - Matt Morrison
Suzy Turner - Tracey Mills
Brett Davids - Emily Cox

Double elimination details
The 16 winners of the fixtures above will play each other with the 8 who win those ties going into the main competition.
The 16 losers of the fixtures above will play each other with the 8 who lose going home.

The final round, of 16 one-time-winner-one-time-losers will play each other to get the final 8 entrants.

Each stage of the draw (including this first one) drawn randomly. I can't remember if last time round I ensured 'fresh' fixtures for the final one-time-winners round, but will worry about that when required.

As per the main tournament this is of course AWC format games.
I forgot to get round to asking Charlie to set up auto aptomails this time - please create your own aptomail to arrange your fixture with your opponent, and add me to the recipients in case I need to adjudicate anything down the line.

There is no huge rush but I'll start pestering people in a couple of weeks.

Good luck all.

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