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COLIN XVII- Countdown in Lincoln, 30-31 January 2021

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 5:39 pm
by Ben Wilson
Ladies and gentlemen, the oldest co-event on the calendar is back!

...Hopefully. Probably. Maybe.

With the world in the situation it's in at the moment, it's hard to know exactly what's going to happen in six months' time. What I do know:

-I've booked the Ark for 30/01/2021
-I've booked the Memorial Hall for 31/01/2021

Both of those bookings were made around April/May time, when the infection rate was as high as it got, so the secretaries of both venues must've been optimistic about where we'd be in January, especially compared to where we were in Spring. But still, with the news we've had recently, especially with it nailing CO:WY (which I was really looking forward to), I don't want to make any promises just yet, and I certainly don't want to take any money. Not yet, anyway. So what I'm doing is I'm putting this out right now to say that the intention is to hold COLIN XVII on the last weekend of January 2021. If it can be a full-blown event like previous COLINs, great! Though if not, plans are in place. Currently, those plans are (in ascending order of how screwed the world gets):

-restricting numbers at both events (probably 36 for Saturday and 24 for Sunday)
-not having a hangover
-not having the event in January
-not having COLIN at all in 2021 (obvious worst case scenario)

Other plans include not having the usual refreshments on hand (especially not the table sweets) and only supplying tea, coffee and water at the venue. Last year I bought plastic cups, with the intention being that everyone would have one cup they'd use for the whole weekend. That idea certainly turned out to be eerily prescient. Branded pads are also probably going to be out, though the pens will happen- the family portrait would look odd without 2021, after all. The puzzle mag... Undecided. And keeping social distancing while playing Edinburgh style is a logistical nightmare I haven't wrapped my head around yet.

However, I have six months to come up with something, so as such, I'm not taking any entry fees just yet- not until I know exactly what type of event I'll be running. I just wanted to announce it is very much my intention to end January 2021 with COLIN, just as it should be. But whether or not it should happen that way is in the hands of fate.

On the plus side, though, one advantage of Lincoln being in the middle of nowhere is that our infection rates aren't all that high. 17 per 100K people in North Kesteven (our part of Lincolnshire)- which is actually way above the county average. Maybe in six months' time that'll be even lower. Time will tell. Watch this space. And get hype. :-)


Re: COLIN XVII- Countdown in Lincoln, 30-31 January 2021

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 8:12 am
by Callum Todd
Great news, good luck with it Ben.