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CO:LON:2 - Bigger, Longer and Half-Cut (Countdown in London 2018)

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:46 pm
by Jennifer Steadman
You wanted some. I gave it ya. But you wanted more, so...

Saturday 12th May 2018. Doors open at 11 and the draw will be made at 11.45, so please be there by then. (Do as I say, not as I do.) It will finish by 6pm.

The Christian Street Community Centre, on Christian Street (near Aldgate East). This venue is a nightmare to find on Google and gives up several wrong locations, so please search for Rope Walk Gardens on Christian Street - the venue is right next to this.

It's about 10 minutes walk from Aldgate East or Whitechapel tube stations, or 5 minutes from Shadwell DLR/Overground station, or walkable from Liverpool Street. If you're not used to getting the tube or are nervous about it, please contact me and I'll try to help!

The afterparty location is TBC. (Matt Morrison is scouting for venues.)

6 9-round games of Countdown in the 'Edinburgh' style of tournament, aka the one where you don't feel like a schoolchild. The top 2 players after 6 games will play each other in the grand final. [Edinburgh style is briefly explained here: I'm happy to explain or answer any queries publicly or privately.]

Only Connect champion, Countdown champion and existence champion Graeme Cole will be there. (He hasn't actually confirmed this, but he will.) Also, you'll meet great people, have a nerdy laugh, see some utterly disgusting conundrum scrambles, and you might even win a prize - there's a range of prizes for people of all skill levels!

Also, I'm *actually* not running this again next year because I want to use my holiday allowance for actual holidays to exciting places like Russia, Slovenia and Liechtenstein, so this is your last chance to experience the gruesomely garish girlfest that is a Jen Steadman-run tournament.

Entry is £12 per person. Payment should be made through PayPal to (PLEASE SELECT PAYMENT TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY - OTHERWISE I DON'T GET THE FULL AMOUNT), or if you don't have PayPal, message me for bank transfer details. There is no option to pay on the day, unless there are last-minute cancellations or spaces.

The event is NOT FOR PROFIT - the fee pays for venue hire, trophies, other prizes, an event magazine (that may feature topless pictures of Giles Hutchings), and pens. Food isn't included, but the venue may be doing a pop up cafe on site to sell sandwiches, drinks and snacks (TBC).

I'll put up some posts about budget-friendly travel and accommodation at a later date, i.e. when I'm not hungry and desperate for a wee. Short version: coaches/advance train tickets for cheap transport, AirBnB/hostels/Travelodges/couchsurfing for cheap accommodation.

"No-one died" - Sara Lawson
"We played Countdown, in London, so this event was accurately-titled content." - The Big Bad Wilf Carey's grandson
"It's such a relief that my daughter has found people of a similar level of 'social aptitude' to her" - Caroline Steadman
"I won an anthology of Chuck Tingle's sensual, surprisingly detailed gay dinosaur erotica. It has profoundly changed me as a man" - Stewart Gordon

How could you not be convinced?? Sign up now to confirm your place, and you'll get a badly-drawn picture of you on the FB event!

Attending (59):
Thomas Carey
Matty Artell
Ben Wilson
Giles Hutchings
James Robinson ;) :D :P
Vik Shah
Thomas Cappleman
Caroline Steadman (queen of producing daughters)
Mark Mills
Tracey Croy
Josh Trober*
Zarte Siempre
Jamie McNeill
Conrad Texeira
Adam Dexter
Jonathan Wynn
Pete Steggle
Matt Rowbotham
Sara Lawson
Mauro Pratesi
Jess Pratesi
Adam Curran
Cathy Summerside*
Chris Marshall
Matt Morrison
Heather Badcock
Matthew Tassier
Lynne Cumberland
Sarah Bladon
Sandie Simonis
James Wilson
Mike Springett
Ned Pendleton
Conor Travers
Oliver Garner
Ashwin Abinashi
David Hilton
Eddy Byrne
Sam Prouse
Ian Haslup
Oliver Levy*
Lauren Hamer
Tom Chafer-Cook
Jon Elmer
Ryan Taylor
Michelle Nevitt
Nathan Pace
Mark Murray
Mike Brown
Bradley Horrocks
Amar Chotai
Zubair Patel
Amy Godel
Norm Ahmad
Stewart Gordon
James Laverty
Anthony Endsor

* = Co-event debutant

Re: CO:LON:2 - Bigger, Longer and Half-Cut (Countdown in London 2018)

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:02 pm
by Jennifer Steadman

To make signing up easier, I've set up a PayPal link - just go to (if paying for one person; if paying for more, please adjust the amount) and click send!

Because this is a very sensible and mature event, anyone who signs up before the end of March and plays on the day will receive an aubergine emoji badge! And if there are more than 50 entries before the end of March, the aubergine emoji badges will glow in the dark.

I'll post a list of budget-friendly accommodation/travel options here later.

Re: CO:LON:2 - Bigger, Longer and Half-Cut (Countdown in London 2018)

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:36 pm
by Jennifer Steadman
CO:LON:2 is now exactly 2 months away! We are up to 26 entrants - just another 24 needed to sign up before the end of March for glow-in-the-dark aubergine badges! 🍆

In case you're deliberating based on travel expenses, I've brought the cheapest travel options to you from some of the UK's major (/most Apterite-filled) cities. If you have a railcard, prices will be even cheaper than those listed! All prices shown are returns.

PLANE: £30, Stansted Airport (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday morning) LINK

TRAIN: £11 (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday morning); £11.50 return (day trip)
COACH: £3, National Express (day trip)

TRAIN: No Advance tickets yet; off peak rates are £43.40
COACH: £10, National Express (day trip)

TRAIN: £17.20 (day trip)
COACH: £6, National Express (day trip)

PLANE: £36, Southend Airport (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday morning) LINK
If you don't want to piss about with Southend (which is entirely reasonable), flights to Stansted start at £38.

TRAIN: £70 (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday morning), £72.50 (day trip, although you would be mad to do this...)
COACH: £13.50, National Express (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday morning)
PLANE: £35, Stansted Airport (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday morning) LINK

TRAIN: £60 (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday afternoon)
COACH: £22.60, National Express (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday morning)
PLANE: £33, Stansted Airport (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday morning) LINK

TRAIN: £34.50 (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday morning) or £38 (day trip - although this involves leaving at 6am; £44 lets you get a more sociably-timed morning train)
COACH: £16, National Express (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday afternoon)

TRAIN: £34 (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday evening), £45 (day trip)
COACH: £10, National Express (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday evening)

TRAIN: £46 (day trip or Fri/Sun)
COACH: £10, National Express (arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday afternoon)

TRAIN: £40 (arriving Saturday at 1am, leaving Sunday evening... very anti-social hours but £72 is the best price for non-crappy hours)
COACH: £2, Megabus (...if you want an overnight coach there and back), £12, Megabus (if you're not a maniac: arriving Friday evening, leaving Sunday afternoon)

TRAIN: £34.50 (day trip or Fri/Sun)
COACH: £10, National Express (arriving Saturday morning, leaving Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon)

TRAIN: £10.80 (day trip)
COACH: £18, Oxford Tube/£11, Megabus

And if you need a place to stay for the night, check out these budget options:

AirBnB: I would strongly urge you to only book places with existing reviews LINK

Travelodge: The nearest one, London Central Aldgate East, is £140 for 2 people/2 nights (Friday and Saturday). Which also looks like the cheapest one in central London. East London is best for cheaper and still somewhat convenient hostels - look for something near a Tube station on the District line.

Hostels: The Wombats hostel is highly rated (9.1 out of 10 on TripAdvisor!) and dorm beds are from £30.75 a night ( Alternatively, Via Limehouse is £20 per bed per night and half an hour’s walk from the venue, or you can halve the journey time by going one stop on the DLR from Limehouse to Shadwell (

Or you can try couchsurfing if you're feeling particularly brave and/or stingy! (Please only stay with hosts that are verified and rated already!!) LINK

Having spent 2 hours looking this all up for you, the least you can do is sign up now xoxo

Re: CO:LON:2 - Bigger, Longer and Half-Cut (Countdown in London 2018)

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 1:08 am
by Jennifer Steadman
[no longer relevant]

Re: CO:LON:2 - Bigger, Longer and Half-Cut (Countdown in London 2018)

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:26 pm
by Jennifer Steadman

The event will now be held at the Christian Street Community Centre, near Aldgate East. Capacity remains at 72, the timings remain the same, and it's even more accessible (all 3 toilets are wheelchair friendly). We may even have an on-site pop-up cafe selling food and drink on the day! It's a great space. ♿

Please do be aware that Google gives all sorts of misinformation as to the venue location. You are STRONGLY advised to look up the directions to a park called Rope Walk Gardens, just by Christian Street, as the venue is right behind the sports court in the park. 🔎

It's approximately 10 mins walk from Aldgate East and Whitechapel tube stations, 5 mins from Shadwell DLR/Overground station, 20 mins from Fenchurch Street station and 25 mins from Liverpool Street. Let me know if you're a Tube novice and I will try to help, either with encouragement and a route from your terminus station, or people coming from the same station that you can travel with! 🚅

Due to incurred hire costs, ENTRY FEE IS NOW £12 PER PERSON. If you have already paid up, the extra £4pp would be greatly appreciated ASAP. If you haven't already paid up... please pay up. This has been a horrible and unduly stressful week, and as a result I'm massively behind on my event prep - so the more organised you are, the more organised I can be! 💰

If the new location or price increase is a problem for you and you no longer wish to attend, please let me know and I will refund your entry fee. 🚫

Any other questions, please ask.

PS. Thank you a huge amount to anyone who has helped for your support with the venue search - it has been invaluable. 💖

PPS. Let's get this party started. 🎈🔛👸🔝🎀🔜🎊

Re: CO:LON:2 - Bigger, Longer and Half-Cut (Countdown in London 2018)

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:38 pm
by Jennifer Steadman
I've just paid for the venue. Assuming it's not an extremely elaborate scam by some people pretending to be from Tower Hamlets council, the booking should now be protected. Yay.

With just under 5 weeks to go, there are only 18 spaces left. If you're procrastinating, don't! Last year there was a rapid scramble to get the last few spaces. Doesn't matter if you've said you'll be attending - it's first pay first served.

I can't remember if I've publicly mentioned it before, but this year all attendees will be receive a goody bag and a free copy of the 2018 CO:LON magazine, CO:SMO! However I can only guarantee your goody bag if you pay up at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.

Onto prizes... the top 3 players win trophies. The highest-placing Co-event debutant (currently only 3 people in the running for this one...), the highest-placing 'returning' player (person whose first event was CO:LON 2017, currently 4 people in the running for it), and the most improved player (for the largest numerical increase in placing from any player who attended last year) will also win trophies. I think there are a few more prizes, but I can't remember what they are.

There will also be engraved and (I believe) fully fully functional wooden spoons for the bottom 3 players this year, because I firmly believe that a cheeky spoon should be available to players of all standards.

Last but not least, as with last year, everyone who wins a prize will also get to choose something from the prize table. Prizes will include (among other things) several different types of booze, Cards Against Humanity, a UK football grounds scratch map, and of course some of the masterpieces of world-famous erotic author/genius Chuck Tingle.

If you have any queries about the above, ask away!

Re: CO:LON:2 - Bigger, Longer and Half-Cut (Countdown in London 2018)

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:24 pm
by Jennifer Steadman
~1 month to go, 15 spaces left~