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Co:Wat?! - Countdown in Waterford [June 17th 2017]

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:00 am
by L'oisleatch McGraw
That is the event page.


Based on Channel 4's flagship daytime TV quiz show, this will be a chance to partake in a real life Countdown tournament, in a beautiful setting. We'll have consonants, we'll have vowels, we'll have numbers. We may not have Rachel Riley to dispense them, but we'll certainly have the equally glamorous Sean Lonergan who will be co-hosting with myself, Eoin Jackson.


Anyone at all! Having an interest in anagramming, word games, or puzzles would certainly make it more fun for you, but that is not a requirement. The event caters for all abilities. Some players will be very skilled, but many will be beginners. There will be prizes on offer at each ability level... so whether you are expert, intermediate or novice, there is a chance of coming away with a prize.


The event will be held in the Woodstown Residential & Activity Centre at Woodstown Beach, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland. (At the heart of the sunny South East. :)) The Youth Centre is located 5 metres from the beach and around 20 metres from the Saratoga Bar and Restaurant. The venue is spacious and wheelchair accessible. It contains two dormitories with 16 beds in each, and so can sleep 32 people.


It kicks off at 10:30am, and will be conducted using the Bristol-style classroom format. Everyone gets to see the same sets of letters and numbers, and to play them at the same time. Each person will have a direct opponent assigned. These match-ups will be drawn at random just before the start of each game. Everyone is guaranteed at least 6 games during the day. The results of the early matches will determine the composition of the different quarter final groupings. The top 8 (sorted by number of wins, then number of points) will contest the quarter final group from which the event winner will come. The final game to determine the event winner will be the only game that won’t be done in the classroom-style setting. It will be a stand-alone match, and everyone will be welcome to stick around and spectate if they so wish.


Having thought long and hard on the best way to make this as cheap as possible while still covering costs, we’ve come up with the following 3 price plans:-
~PLAN #1 [FULL PACKAGE]:- €35 [or £30 in GBP] …includes the event, accommodation on site, and up to 5 meals during your stay.
~PLAN #2 [APTO-KID DISCOUNT]:- €25 [or £21 in GBP] …includes the event, accommodation on site, and up to 5 meals during your stay. (but this price is only available to those under the age of 21)
~PLAN #3 [EVENT ONLY]:- €15 [or £12 in GBP] …includes the event and up to 3 meals.
What makes this complicated is the fact that there is accommodation on site. I would expect that many of those travelling to Waterford for this will want to stay in the centre itself. So, for your €35 you are getting 2 nights accommodation in a surprisingly comfortable dormitory, the event, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Saturday, and also breakfast and lunch on Sunday should you choose to stay on.

There is also a discount for what we’re affectionately dubbing the “Apto-Kids”. Many of the younger Apterites hail from the UK, and travelling to Ireland for an event is a bigger deal when you are younger (particularly for those in their early-mid teens). And as some may need to come over with a parent / older friend, it seems fair to offer a discounted rate. The €25 price covers the entire event, meals, and accommodation, but is only available for those who are aged 20 years or younger on the 17th of June 2017.

The final rate of €15 is the price available for Waterford natives, or anyone else who has their own accommodation sorted. The price includes the event, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and lunch on Sunday.

Other items that are provided throughout, free of charge, include:- 1. Pens and paper to use; 2. Coffees, teas, and some soft drinks; 3. Snacks, 4. A ‘hangover’ event on the Sunday.

(We are hoping all of this will be doable without operating at a loss financially. Depending on numbers, it is possible.)


We cannot accommodate more than 32 in the dormitories, and the venue cannot cater for more than 50 people at the event in total. (I will keep this event page updated with what the numbers currently stand at… though we don’t expect to reach capacity, so no need to worry.)

To book your place at Co:Wat?! send the payment to Eoin Jackson via paypal at the address (please remember to select 'payment to friends & family') Alternatively make out a cheque to Eoin Jackson and send it on to 33 Shanakiel, Coxtown, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford.


Waterford airport would be ideal for anyone coming from overseas. Unfortunately it is currently not running any flights from the UK. This may change before June. If it does we’ll publish flight details here as soon as we know. The other options are to fly into Cork or Dublin. Both of these are approx a 90min drive from Waterford. Bus and train would be available to the city, and we can arrange a lift to the venue from there (for free, obviously). For anyone who would rather take the Ferry. There are regular sailings into Rosslare harbour from Pembroke and Fishguard in Wales. (Rosslare is a 60min drive from Dunmore East.)
For anyone travelling within Ireland, if you can make it to Waterford, we can provide a lift to the venue for you. For anyone driving who has Sat Nav, you’d be advised to input the “Saratoga pub, Woodstown” into it, as we are almost next door to there. (I doubt the Youth Centre would appear on Sat Nav.)

[More details to go here as they come available.]


I think that’s everything for now! If you have any queries, leave a comment on this page, or contact me (Eoin Jackson) via a facebook private message.
So if you fancy a few games of Countdown potentially followed by a swim on the beach, a walk in the woods, and a few pints in the neighbouring pub, come to Waterford in the sunny South East of Ireland this June! Hope to see you there. :)


Eoin Jackson* (host)
Seán Lonergan (host)

#1. Kevin Jackson*
#2. Michelle Jackson*
#3. Finola Jackson
#4. Brian Irish
#5. Clodagh Irish
#6. Miriam Carew
#7. Barry Norris
#8. Eddy Byrne*
#9. Rose Boyle*
#10. Gerry Tynan*
#11. Hazel Drury*
#12. Nuala Jackson???
#13. Thomas Carey*
#14. Kelly Chester
#15. Carol Sinnott
#16. Paul Drury
#17. Kevin O'Sullivan
#18. Alan Sweeny*
#19. Jim Scanlon
#20. Shane Heylin
#21. Kelly Thomas
#22. Cera Burns
#23. Sarah Langan

[*Asterisk denotes someone who has attended a co:event before...]

Re: Co:Wat?! - Countdown in Waterford [June 17th 2017]

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:39 am
by L'oisleatch McGraw
**TIMETABLE (approximate)***


10:30am............. Round 1 (Five 9-rounders each)
1pm.................... Lunch (Provided)
2pm.................... Round 2 (Three 15-rounders each)
5:00pm............... Grand Final
6pm.................... Presentation of awards


6:15pm.............. Dinner (Provided)
8pm................... Pool / KIllers Tournament
9pm................... Sing song. :D



10:30am............ Hangover AV Quiz
12:30pm............ Lunch (Provided)


1. The main part that most people will partake in is the Saturday Countdown event from 10:30am-6pm.
2. There will be prizes and trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
3. Additional prizes will be awarded to the winner of each quarter-final grouping. (i.e. for 9th place, 17th place etc)
4. There is something for last place too, why not! (It will be hotly contested, that one) ;)
5. There will also be small prizes available for Saturday evening's Pool / Killers Tourney, and for the AV Hangover Quiz on Sunday morning.
6. Is someone has paid €15 for the day event only, but then decide last minute to stay over in the dorms, that would be fine as long as they can pay the extra €20 on the day...
7. Computers and internet will be available (Friday night, Saturday evening, Sunday morning) for anyone who has travelled for the event, and doesn't want to miss out on playing the Apterous Daily Duel.