COLIN stats following COLIN XII

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COLIN stats following COLIN XII

Post by Ben Wilson » Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:31 am

Because I had some spare time and put every game ever played at COLIN into a spreadsheet...

1445 games have been played at COLIN (62 of which were played against patzers so we don't count them for most statistical purposes- only for individual score/win records.).

29 of these games were won by a solitary point. Adam Dexter, Lee Fisher, Richard Priest and Tracey Mills have won 2 games by 1 point. No one managed to do this twice in the same tournament, though Adam's came from COLIN X and the COLIN X hangover, so near enough, I guess.

Adam's also lost the most games by one point- four of them to be precise, two of which came from COLIN 2012. Gevin's lost two games by one point, Jen's lost three by one and Stewart Gordon's lost two by one.

Since tie-break conundrums started being recorded in 2013, 14 games have gone to a tiebreak out of 751 played.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the highest winning margin from a game is 65 points, which has been done twice- Kirk Bevins over Lee Fisher at the 2014 hangover, and Stewart Holden over Peter Straw in 2006. The highest winning margin from the final round- when players are supposedly sorted onto tables with other players of equal form- is 55, achieved by Jon O'Neill over Gary Male and this year by Mike Brown over Mark Mills. That goes up to 63 if you include the comewhat more volatile final round of a hangover, achieved by Adam Gillard over Alan Young.

The highest ever on-screen score for 9 round countdown is 83- this has been exceeded 7 times at COLIN, though not until 2011. Conor's the only person who's done this twice, and not just in the same event, but in the same round- round 1 of the 2015 hangover (which he also unsurprisingly won. Also unsurprisingly, both those games were maxes). His scores there were 92- the overall record- and 85. Other record beaters are Adam Gillard (89), Jon Corby (88), James Rowan (88), Zarte Siempre (84) and James Robinson (84). Corby's also equalled the record of 83, as have Dylan Taylor, Mark Deeks, Kirk Bevins and Dan McColm.

I'm not going to name and shame the lowest ever scores at COLIN as there have been a few zero scores in the past, but the highest losing scores are noteworthy- 5 players have lost games with scores of 70 or higher, namely Thomas Cappleman (70pts, after a tie break conundrum), David Barnard (70), Graeme Cole (75 in a double max against Conor), Tom Carey (77) and Jack Hurst (77).

Kirk skipping COLIN this year means that Jon O'Neill now holds the record for the most games played at COLIN with 76. Kirk's one game behind with 75, with Jon Corby in 3rd on 67 games and Mike Brown and Stewart Gordon tied for 4th on 66. Lee Fisher's 6th on 60, Matt Bayfield and Ryan Taylor are tied for 7th on 54 and Dinos is 9th on 49.

Kirk's won the most games, though- 59- with Jono second (49), Corby 3rd (43), Matt Bayfield 4th (39), Mark Tournoff 5th (34), Jack Worsley 6th (33), Ryan Taylor 7th (32), Mike Brown and Dinos tied for 8th (31) and James Robinson rounding out the '30 club' in tenth with, well, 30.

The total points scored leaderboard looks similar- it;s the same top 3 (Kirk- 4412, Jono- 4261, Corby- 3877). Mike's 4th on this list with 3289, followed by Matt Bayfield (3064)- the only members of the '3000 club'. Stewart Gordon is 6th (2962), Ryan Taylor's 7th (2948), Dinos is 8th (2709), Mark Tournoff's 9th (2694) and Jack Worsley is 10th (2690).

In terms of average score per game, Innis Carson still leads the way with 67.5, though Jack Worsley is hot on his heels with 67.3. Adam Gillard's next on 64.8, then Jack Hurst's next (63.7), Giles Hutchings is 5th (63.2), Dan McColm 6th (62.3), Ed McCullagh 7th (61.9), Chris Wills 8th (61.8), Mark Deeks 9th (61.5) and Dylan Taylor 10th (61.2). Everyone who's averaging over 60 points per game at COLIN is an octochamp who reached the semifinals of a series or better.

Innis also has the best win/loss record, winning 91% of his games. Chris Wills is 2nd on this list with 88%, followed by Jack Hurst on 84%, Mark Deeks on 83%, then Junaid Mubeen, Martin May and Jon Stitcher, who all went 5/6 at their one and only COLIN event and are therefore also on 83%, then Jack Worsley on a slightly worse 83% (33/40), then Ed McCullagh on 80% with Kirk rounding out the top 10 on 79%.

Standards at COLIN have definitely risen- at COLIN 2005, the average score per player was 46.3, and at COLIN XII it's up to 52.0. However, the average winning margin at COLIN XII is less than a point higher than it was at COLIN 2005.

I'll be back with more statty goodness soon! :-)

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Re: COLIN stats following COLIN XII

Post by Jon O'Neill » Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:39 am


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