If 2015 had been a FOCAL year...

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Zarte Siempre
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If 2015 had been a FOCAL year...

Post by Zarte Siempre » Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:54 pm

Well, it's 2 months until the first event in the brand new FOCAL calendar. So as a bit of a teaser for those who have any interest, I thought I'd post the top 16 for this year.

*Top of the Pops countdown music plays*

In 16th place, with 178 points from 5 events - Michelle Nevitt!

In 15th place, with 186 points from 6 events - Mike Brown!

In 14th place, with 186 points from 3 events - Conor Travers!

In 13th place, with 192 points from 5 events - Ryan Taylor!

In 12th place, with 206 points from 3 events - Thomas Cappleman!

In 11th place, with 212 points from 6 events - Paul Worsley


*Top of the Pops countdown music loops*

In 10th place, with 214 points from 5 events - Jen Steadman!

In 9th place, with 220 points from 9 events (7 counting) - Heather Styles!

In 8th place, with 226 points from 3 events - Dylan Taylor!

In 7th place, with 260 points from 4 events - Giles Hutchings!

In 6th place, with 279 points from 5 events - Rob Foster!

In 5th place, with 308 points from 7 events - Jonathan Wynn!

In 4th place, with 316 points from 7 events - Graeme Cole!

In 3rd place, with 349 points from 7 events - Callum Todd!

In 2nd place, with 366 points from 8 events (7 counting) - James Robinson!!

But, the top performer across the year...

In 1st place, with 434 points from 7 events - JACK WORSLEY!!!

Congratulations to Jack, who I don't think anyone could really say isn't the top player at this time. The rest of the top 16 produced a good mix, with people turning up regularly, and people just playing well when they do turn up both featuring on this list.

If the 8 feel like playing out a round-robin and final FOCAL style to decide who the overall champ is, please be my guests ;)
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Gavin Chipper
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Re: If 2015 had been a FOCAL year...

Post by Gavin Chipper » Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:32 pm

Nice work.

Except 2015 wasn't a FOCAL year; it was a fuck all year.

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