Co:Liv - 21 September 2019

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Andy Platt
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Co:Liv - 21 September 2019

Post by Andy Platt » Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:00 am


Countdown is coming to Liverpool in September. Hope to see you there!

Please feel free to invite anybody that I might have missed.

Cross Keys pub, 13 Earle Street, L3 9NS, Liverpool.

21 September 2019

We are aiming for 36 players. Significantly more or significantly less will probably force us to make some unwanted changes to the format. Slightly more or slightly less will probably be absolutely fine. The room has an absolute maximum capacity of 50, but realistically it would be a bit cramped with anything above 40.

Edinburgh/Lincoln style, 6 rounds of 9-rounder games played in tables of three, one player hosts while the other two play. The top two ranked players, after six games (sorted by wins, then points scored, then points difference), will meet in a final to determine the overall champion. This will also be a FOCAL event.

12:00 - Doors open
12:20 - First round draw
12:30 - First round
13:40 - Lunch
14:30 - Second round
15:40 - Third round
16:50 - Final
17:20 - Prize-giving ceremony

- Champion
- Runner-Up
- Third Place
- Most conundrum solves
- Best word spot of the day
- Rudest word spot of the day
- Worst selection of the day
- Probably a few random spot prizes decided on the day based on numbers and remaining prize budget.

Please pay me at - making sure you select the option to pay friends and family, so that there isn't a levy on the transfer. If it's not immediately obvious from your user name or e-mail address, then please also clearly include your name. No funny business or pseudonyms.
- If you don't want lunch to be included in the price (Sainsbury's and Tesco's are within easy walking distance, but we would obviously prefer you to support our local business, especially with the low event costs!), then the event will cost you £4.
- If you would like a buffet lunch included in the price, then the event will cost you £10. If you decide on the buffet, we need to know at least one week in advance so that we can communicate exact numbers to the pub's management team. Please also let us know of any dietary requirements that you have so that we can pass these on, and, like, not kill you and stuff.

- Coming by train? The best bet is probably to come into either Liverpool Central or Liverpool Lime Street, and then change to get onto a train that stops at Moorfields. Most likely this will be on the underground/Wirral Line service. Walking would be an option but it's quite a fair distance.
- Coming by car? There's an NCP car park nearby. A quick glance at the website tells me that it should cost around £19 for the entire day. Feel free to check the website for more information. Most of the nearby streets have yellow lines so I'm not sure what to suggest otherwise. If you're early enough you might be able to find somewhere within walking distance for free.
- Coming by any other method? Send me a private message and I'll assist you as best I can.

Will be organised in due course. Plenty of options available, loads of great restaurants and bars around and towards L1.

Any other questions, just let me know, preferably on Facebook but obviously I'll check this forum from time to time as well.


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Andy Platt
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Re: Co:Liv - 21 September 2019

Post by Andy Platt » Sun Mar 17, 2019 8:43 pm


(Names in green text have lunch included)

1 - Dave Ryan
2 - Suzy Turner
3 - Callum Todd

4 - James Haughton
5 - Dylan Taylor
6 - Eddy Byrne
7 - Adam Dexter
8 - Fiona Titcombe
9 - Bradley Horrocks
10 - James Robinson
11 - Nathan Pace
12 - Sean Fletcher
13 - Tim Down
14 - George Armstrong
15 - Richard Priest
16 - Sam Hodkin
17 - Phil Stanton
18 - Zarte Siempre
19 - Thomas Carey
20 - Emily Zhang

21 - Matty Artell
22 - Stephen Read
23 - Dave Ashton

24 - Dinos Sfyris
25 - Anthony Endsor

Keep them coming!
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Andy Platt
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Re: Co:Liv - 21 September 2019

Post by Andy Platt » Sat Aug 31, 2019 10:32 am

Some news regarding the after-event festivities.

I've spoken to the Trattoria restaurant and they are happy to take our reservation without needing a deposit, because the owner trusts Emma and me as fairly regular customers there. Which is very nice of him. #itsnotwhatyouknowitswhoyouknow

As with a few other events recently, he will however need the food orders two weeks in advance of the event, because we will be a large group. As such, I will be putting the menus up on Facebook later and collating everyone's order in advance.

Any questions just let me know.

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Tracey Anne Mills
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Re: Co:Liv - 21 September 2019

Post by Tracey Anne Mills » Wed Sep 11, 2019 2:28 pm

Good luck to Andy and Dan hope your tourney goes well.
Tracey 'Old Enough To Be My Mum' Mills and cat lover

Fiona T
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Re: Co:Liv - 21 September 2019

Post by Fiona T » Sat Sep 14, 2019 4:33 pm

We don't have Gavin to sort us out with a parkrun, but I'm intending to do:

if anyone wants to join me.

Looks like an easy train from Moorfields - and my hotel is close to the station/venue if anyone needs to use my shower afterwards.

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